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Vendo Stock Nr. 80 Relé Hf115F-H 5V Dc / 10A

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Rele c.s. 5V 1sc. 10A HONGFA HF115FH/005-1ZS1

8c6fbea1-76ef-4dd7-966f-198f0ed77640V1-3 - High sensitive: 0.25W
- Low height: 15.7 mm
- 5kV dielectric strength (between coil and contacts)
- Creepage distance: 10mm
- Meeting VDE 0700, 0631 reinforce insulation
- Product in accordance to IEC 60335-1 available
- Sockets available
- Plastic sealed and flux proofed types available
- Class F & Class B insulation system
- Environmental friendly product (RoHS compliant)
- Outline Dimensions: (29.0 x 12.7 x 15.7) mm

Vendo a 2 euro cad.

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