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Conditions of Use Site

By using the Web site at www.plcforum.it and its sub-domains of the third level, hereafter simply called "site", you accept the terms of use specified herein. If the rule is changed the conditions will also apply to the new domain.

General conditions

The site is managed by the PLC Forum, based in EIOM SRL Viale Premuda, 2 – 20129 Milano., from now on simply "PLC Forum".

The topics covered include industrial automation and issues related to them of interest to readers.

The logo and brand of PLC Forum are recorded and can not be reproduced nor used by any means without prior written authorization of PLC Forum.

The contents of the site, every look and feel and content organization are owned by the PLC Forum unless there is question of content posted by users who then authorize the distribution of content for free through the site.

The website, content and services offered by it can be changed or removed without prior notice, although we will try to give it where possible by giving notice on the website or via the internal messaging system of the forum. The site also will be suspended for all needs without involving responsibility for the service as it is.

PLC Forum is committed for the data and information published on this website is always accurate and reliable, however there may be inaccuracies, typographical errors or mistakes that anyone can report for correction.

The external links, that is, towards those domains other than ours, are managed by external parties and the user is advised to use precautions and the software to prevent viruses.

It is allowed and appreciated the links to the site, but not the framing or similar techniques; it is also prohibited to copy all or even minimally or even a single site content.

The RSS feeds will be used only for personal purposes.

Conditions privacy supplement the general terms of use of the site.

NOTICE pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 22.03.2004, n. 72, as mod. Italian law conversion 21.05.2004 n. 128 - The works on this site have fulfilled their obligations under the legislation on copyright and related rights. The reproduction, communication to the public, making available to the public, the public dissemination without the authorization of the copyright owner is prohibited. Violations are subject to the sanctions provided for in art. 171, 171-bis, 171-ter, 174-bis and 174-ter of Law 633/1941. All complaints must be sent by registered mail the headquarters of the PLC Forum and emailed to info [at] plcforum.it or fax number 02 700513518. The site is not news organization, not editorial product and even periodic.

The website is hosted in the datacenter of TelecityGroup Italy SpA Via Francesco Sforza 13, Basiglio MI Italy; for newsletters, at http://mailchimp.com

Additional terms for the forums

The forums allow users to discuss among themselves of the proposed themes.

To ensure optimal performance of the "Forum" the sense of responsibility of the users and caution readers are essential to evaluate what is being said, since there is no prior review of content nor selection of participants.

Remember that everyone is personally responsible for how it behaves in these areas and we reserve the discretion to suspend the profiles of those who do not respect the rules of coexistence and the best content that will be reported. As you can imagine we would never have to, but we can not exclude that this should happen and we will do so if necessary for the smooth running of the forum itself.

Participants must comply with regulations and practices governing, not excluding the duty of transparency in communications in public declaring any conflicts of interest. Each expressly guarantees the originality and availability of content sent and indemnifies PLC Forum from any damage.

The forum, as other content on the site, are stored in the database for which the rights are reserved exclusively to the PLC Forum.

Can anyone point to remove pages illegal, inappropriate, inopportune option provided by or through ticket opening to this page.

At the request of the competent bodies and their powers we will give the maximum availability for the immediate removal of the specific content and inhibition profiles, no need to deny access even to the uncontested parts of the site.

It is expressly forbidden to use the forum for communications and promotional interventions to extract copy them to other platforms.

By Regulation available at the time of registration to this link.
Also available are FAQ to this link and support pages to this link.

The link to content from third-party service embeddati that offer this option (youtube and any other) should be in compliance with their conditions of use with prevalence than ours, in case of conflict, and may also be removed.

Is expressly prohibited embed content hosted by third-party platforms not included by the authors of such content (video examples of news put online by consumers and not in the official channels of the issuers).

There are some sections of the forum restricted because regarding security issues.
Access to these areas is strictly limited to those identified with documents and following the rules shown here.

It is also required behavior, in the forum and outside the forum, extreme correctness in every sphere.

The conditions of use and the privacy policy and, by way of example, although everything stated in the rules available to link which is to be transcribed.

Additional terms for the Video

Apply the same conditions set for the forum. It also recalls to report / submit only original material or of which they can guarantee the originality or availability.

Additional terms for the Iphone and Android Mobile App

Apply the same conditions set for the forums.

Additional terms for the Newsletter

PLC Forum reserves the right to send newsletters and promotional purposes, without giving the data to third parties using the service offered by http://mailchimp.com, from time to time, not more than once a week.

Additional terms the Results

Registered users can leave personal or commercial ads (excluding classifieds demand and supply of labor), only the space reserved to holders of Forum Card. Every ad meets the author personally. It prohibits all promotional content prohibited by the laws, usages or otherwise inappropriate. Can anyone point to any content PLC Forum and start the formal objections as provided for in the general conditions. PLC Forum reserves the right to remove without notice at any time any generally applicable or otherwise deemed unsuitable.

Additional terms for Statistics

The Association uses Google Analytics to analyze anonymous and aggregate use of the site to check the greater or lesser interest in collecting and malfunctions.

The required data are normally required when necessary for the operation of the online service, except when otherwise indicated.

Cookies are used to facilitate access to areas with restricted access.

They are also used for the statistics of use of the site and for banner ads, they can be removed using the functions provided by the browser.

External services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Plus can also in turn use cookies

It is suggested that the private browsing mode if you do not participate in areas with restricted access.

Additional terms for the forums and content users

By registering users participate in the forum. Any other purpose is prohibited, and is expressly forbidden to collect information about third parties or sending promotional communications.

Privacy policy

We are available to assist you as quickly as possible: you can contact the email: info[at]plcforum.it or by opening the ticket to this page

The representative pro tempore is the controller which can be anticipated to email to info [at] plcforum.it service requests and concerning these rights under Articles 7 - 13 Consolidated privacy. The formal objections must be sent by registered mail the headquarters of the Association and emailed to info[at]plcforum.it or by fax at No. +39 02 700 513518 or telephone number +39 039 8951302

The data are not transferred to third parties. We spread on our sites advertising such as Google Adsense, and statistics services, such as Google Analytics, that can use cookies (v. privacy policy of Google). You can exclude cookies or delete them with special programs also free, or simply disable cookies on your browser. Using the sites accepted the services as they are offered and detailed.

Cookies installed by us are used to facilitate access to the forum of members.

The newsletter is sent no more than once a week and may contain promotional information in whole or in part. We do not give your data to third parties.

In the online form of registration shows the required and optional data unnecessary to offer the service.

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